His car now drives him. No, he may not even have drunk to stupor. He is normal, yet, his hands shakes on the steering, and his brakes fail each time he applies it. Imagine a man in this state navigating through the busy street or moving through the highway. It is better termed ‘Suicidal’. Experts call it “mission of no return,” and even if such man will return to his family and friends, the possibility appears extremely slim, if not almost impossible.Experts have revealed that despite the hyperactive nature of that man under the influence of alcohol or drugs, his brain functions at a very slow pace. Alcohol slows down his entire body system. His ability to manipulate becomes very poor if not totally zero. In this case, he struggles with the steering at each point he tries to navigate. Decision making in the traffic are often frustrated. A typical Nigerian who discards traffic laws even when he sees with his natural eyes will discard same twice when under the influence of alcohol. He has got some fake hands and legs that respond to emergency situation very poorly. The steering is steered sluggishly and the brakes are applied with all carelessness, yet he risks his entire family in such a mission, his entire life. Experts have said that for a driver to be sure of himself, the concentration of alcohol in the blood must be less than 0.02 of a gram per 100 millilitres. When driving under the influence of alcohol, the driver’s perception declines and weakens, making it difficult to judge correctly and truthfully how far an object is from the car. The muscles of the eyes lose their precision and they close as if you are terribly sleepy. A driver who is influenced by alcohol while on steering cannot focus his eyes on an object because his vision becomes automatically blurred. Most times the driver sees double. In Nigeria, most of us see double, yet see nothing. If the FRSC is advocating that no one drives under the influence of alcohol, it’s no doubt because of our own safety. The law is meant to guide and protect us, but it’s a common trend in Nigeria to continue to curse the implementers of the laws when all they try to do is to make us humane, and free our community from the fever of lawlessness.


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The NAND market, however, is stabilizing in the near term. The CEO has plans for managing the macro tailwinds from the non-memory component shortages in the electronics industry. It is enhancing the production process. For example, it will secure alternative sources of water while conserving water usage. Micron does not expect to have any DRAM production output problems. In the last quarter, the company managed to deliver record PC DRAM bit shipments. Sampling the latest DDR4 products should lift margins in the quarters ahead. 7 Homebuilding Stocks to Buy That Are Ready for Another Round of Gains Micron will not raise capital expenditures by much despite the shortage across all end markets and the demand there. This is the safest approach. Instead of facing future risks of a supply glut following the end of the chip shortage, Micron will sell products and keep DRAM in short supply. Nvidia said that its first quarter will track above its outlook . It now expects Q1 revenue of above the $5.3 billion outlook. Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Colette Kress said the company is “experiencing broad-based strength, with all our market platforms driving upside to our initial outlook.” Data center will boost results again this year. Industries continue to use more AI in their products and services. The chip shortage is not a headwind for Nvidia. Investors may shield themselves from the industry imbalance by holding NVDA stock throughout this year. Nvidia’s EGX enterprise platform is another tailwind. To capitalize on strong demand in the data center, cloud, and the edge, Nvidia’s end-to-end platform will gain from exposure to all growth markets.