Valsoft Enters the Automotive Space with ASE Automotive Solutions MONTREAL, May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - Valsoft Corporation Inc. ("Valsoft"), a Canadian acquirer and developer of vertical market software businesses, is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of ASE Automotive Solutions, a leading provider of automotive software, consulting, audit, tax, and corporate finance services to the automotive industry. For nearly 50 years, ASE has been working with the world's leading automotive brands and their dealer networks to drive profitability, mitigate business risk and improve operational performance. Rob Jones, CEO, stated "We are very excited about partnering with Valsoft to bring their software expertise and investment into ASE. This partnership will enable us to further develop our global technical solutions, helping our clients to maximise profitability from their automotive retail operations." Valsoft CEO Sam Youssef commented on the acquisition in stating: "We're extremely excited to enter the automotive vertical with one of the leaders in the space.  We are confident that with ASE's track record and team, along with our software expertise, customers will greatly benefit from the innovations to come.  We intend to consolidate this market with ASE, and we are planning to continue investing heavily in the space." Rob Jones (CEO), Mike Fazal (CCO) and the global leadership team will continue to lead the business and will drive the product and company forward. The ASE and Valsoft team wish to thank the founding shareholders Trevor, Beryl and Mike Jones for their dedication and contributions to building a premier name in the automotive space. Additionally, Trevor Jones will continue to chair the Automotive Fellowship International. Focused on the automotive industry, the combination of ASE's industry-recognized software, tools, and local industry expertise allows for the providing of global data services, performance improvement consultancy, and profit optimisation services tailored to the business requirements of brands and their dealer networks. ASE's business intelligence dashboard tools combined with human validation provide in-depth analysis of business performance, and brands are given the confidence to manage change and drive the performance needed to face market challenges head on. Performance improvement consultants provide bespoke programmes to enhance the performance of dealer networks to address business priorities, including full dealer operational reviews, departmental reviews, new car sales processes, used car planning, electrification readiness, customer satisfaction and retention programs, and manufacturer field training. In the UK, ASE's comprehensive range of financial audit, assurance and risk mitigation services help dealerships manage complex reporting and regulatory requirements, building business confidence and driving profitability through accountancy excellence. Valsoft acquires and develops vertical market software companies, enabling each business to deliver the best mission-critical solutions for customers in their respective industry or niche. A key tenet of Valsoft's philosophy is to invest in well-established businesses and foster an entrepreneurial environment that moulds companies into leaders in their respective industries. Valsoft looks to buy, hold, and create value through long-term partnerships with existing management. Valsoft was represented internally by General Counsel David Felicissimo, Jessica Modafferi and Pamela Romero and external counsel Richard Wrigley and Matthew Shephard of Shakespeare Martineau of Birmingham, UK. ASE was advised by Peter Cheney of Carbon Corporate Finance and Gary Black of Primas Law. For more information, please visit www.ase-global.com , www.automotive-fellowship.com/about-us/ and  www.valsoftcorp.com .


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