Image: Karen Fann Fann has said it is needed to put to rest concerns by former President Donald Trump and his backers that he lost Arizona and other battleground states bets because of fraud. Multiple audits, a hand recount of a sample of Maricopa County ballots, and numerous lawsuits found no evidence of any problems with the election. In addition to the 2.1 million ballots, the county handed over its ballot tabulation equipment, computer servers and other elections-related equipment and a huge trove of information, including its voter database. None of the elections equipment is ever connected to the internet. In another developments Friday, Jack Sellers, the Republican chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, said the Senate is now threatening to issue a new subpoena to obtain routers the county uses for all its departments, including the sheriff's office. The county has refused to turn them over, saying doing so would cause major security issues and cripple county operations. “We have provided eight terabytes of data, ballots and election equipment as commanded by the subpoenas,” Sellers said in a statement. “Our efforts to cooperate while following the law have been rewarded with accusations, untruths, and threats.” Also Friday, Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs asked GOP Gov. Doug Ducey to provide security for her. The request was granted. Hobbs tweeted late Thursday that she home page had received several death threats because she is an outspoken critic of the Senate's unprecedented effort to audit the 2020 election, which she and Ducey both certified last year and declared as free and fair. She also complained that she was chased by a reporter for a right-wing website. Hobbs is the state’s top elections official. “The @ArizonaAudit and its far-right allies know their rhetoric will lead to this,” she tweeted. “They are complicit.” Ducey's spokesman, C.J. Karamargin, said the governor immediately assigned a Department of Public Safety detail to Hobbs. “Threats of violence are completely unacceptable. We take them very seriously,” Karamargin said. Hobbs wrote a letter earlier this week to Bennett, laying out a series of concerns she had with the policies the contractor was using in the recount. Hobbs said the policies were “vague and insufficient to ensure accuracy and consistency.” Bennett responded Friday, saying Hobbs had signed a court stipulation Wednesday releasing any claims that the recount policies were "legally inadequate or not ‘consistent with state and federal statutory and constitutional law and the EPM [elections procedures manual], including with respect to the security and integrity of ballots and election equipment.’ ” “With all due respect, it reads like a political press release calculated to undermine a process that you have opposed since its inception,” Bennett of Hobbs' letter.


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Under LOLER, lifting equipment includes any equipment that is used at work for lifting or lowering loads, including attachments used for anchoring, fixing, or supporting it. In practice, this means an extremely wide array of lifting equipment and accessories, routinely used in areas as diverse as manufacturing, construction, distribution, and the offshore sector. It is also worth stressing that it is often the most simple and economic items, such as slings and lifting attachments, which play the most safety-critical roles. They are also typically the most vulnerable to damage, so when it comes to ensuring that lifting equipment is fit for purpose, it is important that nothing is overlooked. As for what constitutes a thorough examination, the Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Lifting Equipment (CoPSULE)1 defines it as a “visual examination, carried out by a competent person carefully and critically and, where appropriate, supplemented by other means, such as measurement and testing, in order to check whether the equipment is safe to use”. Under previous legislation, thorough examination did not encompass any testing of the equipment. But LOLER encompass procedures such as proof-load, non-destructive, light-load, and operational testing. Lifting equipment should be subjected to a thorough examination before it is put into service for the first time. However, LOLER offer an exemption, provided that: the equipment has not been used before; and, in cases where an EC declaration of conformity is required, the employer has received such a declaration not more than 12 months before the equipment is put into service.2 For any equipment that has to be installed, such as an overhead travelling crane, a thorough examination is necessary to ensure that it has been carried out correctly and is safe to operate. Reflecting a more flexible and risk-based doctrine, LOLER offer employers two options for establishing the frequency of thorough examinations. The first and most common option is for examinations to take place at maximum fixed intervals: six months for equipment that is used for lifting people and accessories; and 12 months for other lifting equipment. Alternatively, a LOLER competent person can draw up an examination scheme, where intervals are based on the frequency and nature of use, the operating environment, and the rate at which a particular piece of equipment will deteriorate. Whatever approach is used, equipment should also be thoroughly examined in the event of exceptional circumstances that might adversely affect its safety, such as accidental damage or shock loading. It is also worth drawing attention to recommendations that have recently been made for the offshore and sub-sea sectors. In these industries, there is a number of additional risk factors that should be taken into account. The combination of salt water and air can clearly lead to accelerated corrosion of the component parts of lifting equipment, but this is far from the whole story. Other factors that can have a detrimental effect on the integrity of lifting devices employed offshore include: proximity to inflammable materials, flare stacks, or hot condensate lines; temperatures outside the 0-25°C range; exposure to chemicals and acidic environments; restricted working space; and the additional dynamic loads imposed on lifting equipment by the movement of vessels and/or installations. As a result, it is advised that every block or hoist destined for such applications should be subject to a thorough examination before being put into service, and that intervals between future thorough examinations should be reduced to six months. Experience of LOLER over the past ten years indicates that there is still considerable confusion surrounding the need for a ‘competent’ person to undertake a thorough examination.